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Re: [g-i] Arabic / Persian fonts

On 2/1/06, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:
> Do we know which glyphs are taken from freefont?

(almost ?) all indic scripts are affected by this, AFAICT. hi, pa, bn
would have to be treated separately, like we did for ja, zh_*, ko...

This happens because we hardcoded that the default font is freefont.
IMHO, excepting the han unified glyphs and similar unified glyphs (if
any), all glyphs should resolve only one font and not more. That's why
I have been working on font stripping before trying to choose a font
for arabic,persian... I couldn't say for sure that the glyphs I am
seeing are indeed taken from the ones I assume  they are.

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