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Re: debian installer and kernel 2.6.14 ?

Quoting Adrien (adrien.cossa@ulp.u-strasbg.fr):
> Hi,
> I'd like to know where to find a debian testing or instable, for i386 or 
> AMD64 (instable AMD64 is most wanted) which use a kernel >=2.6.14 for 
> the installation.

The only Debian Installer image you will find now and which use a
kernel above 2.6.14 are daily builds which you find on

I suggest you pick up a "netboot" image (NOT netinst).

You have to make it install unstable by using the medium priority
install mode:

"linux DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium" at the boot prompt

and pick up "unstable" when prompted for the Debian distribution ton

or use "linux mirror/suite=unstable" at the boot prompt

The next release of Debian Installer, which is under preparation,
namely Etch installer beta2, will use the 2.6.15 kernel.

If you want ton install testing and not unstable, I suggest you wait
for a few weeks until that one is released.

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