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D-I team January meeting MOVES AGAIN: Saturday January 28th 17:00UTC

> The monthly Debian Installer team meeting which was initially
> scheduled for January 14th is reported to January 21st, as several D-I
> developers will attend the "Extremadura session" about the graphical
> installer development
> (http://wiki.debian.org/WorkSessionsExtremadura).

And, sorry, the above was completely wrong and the
"Extremadura session" is being held from today up to next Sunday. My

So, The Debien Installer team meeting is AGAIN reported to Saturday
January 28th, 17:00UTC. 

Please accept my apologies as the original date of Jan 14th would have
perfectly fit, but for some strange reasons I was figuring out that
the Extremadura meeting was happening at that moment.

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