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Re: Merging Kickstart support from Ubuntu

Colin Watson wrote:
> OK, I can see this argument, and such a compatibility layer would be
> very neat. Presumably one could just have a big table of special cases
> that's run shortly after env-preseed ...

Yeah, that sounds workable. I don't know if it's actually worth doing in
d-i (rather than as a utility/web page that converts things before

> Acknowledging the space issue, then, how about having kickseed in d-i
> svn but not included in images by default? That way, people who want
> Kickstart support can get it with a fairly simple initrd rebuild; I
> could probably arrange to put suitably-modified i386 daily builds up on
> p.d.o.

Fine by me.

FWIW, I forgot to mention before that I can only ever recall one user
asking how to use their existing kickstart files with d-i. Of course
it's hard to gauge corporate etc demand.

see shy jo

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