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installation woes

I need 'mptspi' kernel driver module to access the SCSI discs on a
HP Proliant DL-145 server. In debian, this driver is only available in
2.6.15 and later. So I get the latest sid "daily builds" of the netinst
CD image for i386 and amd64, and try to install the server. All is fine
(in non-expert mode) because the installer detects and loads the correct
kernel module. However, the system won't boot after install because the
installed kernel is 2.6.12 (no mptspi module).

So I get the advice to run the netinst in expert mode and select unstable.
Unfortunately it fails at base-installer - it's looking for /dists/sid on
the CDROM but doesn't find one - there's only /dists/etch (besides the
symlinks stable,testing,unstable which aren't used).

I got the netinst CD image from


It says 'sid' but this image still contains 'etch'! Something must be wrong.


Oskar Liljeblad (oskar@osk.mine.nu)

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