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Re: cd-drivers.img file - file reading error

Mark Record wrote:
> Dear Debian developers,
> Over Christmas2005 I have attempted to install Debian an an old intel 
> machine. It does not support booting from CD. Every thing went OK till I 
> tried to make a floppy disk from the "cd-drivers.img file". I didn't 
> have a Linux or DOS machine available so I downloaded a trial version of 
> - WinImage Version 8.0.8000 written by Gilles Vollant. This worked fine 
> when I made floppy images from "boot.img" & "root.img" files. However 
> when I attempted to make a floppy from "cd-drivers.img file" WinImage 
> reported an error reading the file.
> I tried downloading several Debian installation disks for Intel x96 but 
> had the same problem with each version of the "cd-drivers.img file". I 
> suspect that there is something wrong with this image file. Please check 
> it over. It would be a shame if people get put off Debian by this minor 
> problem.

There's nothing wrong with the cd-drivers floppy image but unlike the
other two floppies you made, it does not contain a MS-DOS filesystem.
This might be causing problems with the program you are using, if it
doesn't actually do raw disk writes and instead expects to copy floppies
usin that filesystem.

The CD images include a rawrite2 program that I think is supposed to 
work in Windows; the installation manual explains how to create floppies
from Windows using the tools provided.

see shy jo

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