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Intent to drop evms-udeb

[It was suggested that I send this to -boot as well as -devel and the PTS.
 Apologies for the double- instead of crossposting. Please Cc me on any
 replies, as I'm not subscribed to -boot these days.]


I'm intending to drop the EVMS udeb; it hasn't been functional since at least
before the first alpha version of d-i for sarge, and currently it's not doing
any good except make evms harder to get into testing.

If anybody has an interest in making d-i capable of installing directly onto
EVMS in time for etch, please let me know. Otherwise I'll simply remove it; I
don't have the time nor partman-fu for doing it myself. This is bug #344065,
#223995 and #239892, for those who want to get an approximate idea what's

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