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cd-drivers.img file - file reading error

Dear Debian developers,
Over Christmas2005 I have attempted to install Debian an an old intel machine. It does not support booting from CD. Every thing went OK till I tried to make a floppy disk from the "cd-drivers.img file". I didn't have a Linux or DOS machine available so I downloaded a trial version of - WinImage Version 8.0.8000 written by Gilles Vollant. This worked fine when I made floppy images from "boot.img" & "root.img" files. However when I attempted to make a floppy from "cd-drivers.img file" WinImage reported an error reading the file. I tried downloading several Debian installation disks for Intel x96 but had the same problem with each version of the "cd-drivers.img file". I suspect that there is something wrong with this image file. Please check it over. It would be a shame if people get put off Debian by this minor problem.
Thanks for all your work,
Mark Record

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