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Re: GTKDFB 2.8.3 status and g-i theming

Luca Bruno wrote:
Attilio Fiandrotti <fiandro@tiscalinet.it> scrisse:

There is huge amount of already existing themes for GTK2 [1] and it seems to me that the one actually most suitable for the g-i is H20-gtk2-Ruby (see attached PNG).

The page for the theme is http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2/409
However I have two notes about it:

* There's no license at this page nor in the tarball. So it is currently not DFSG-free. Maybe we should ask the author
  for a free license.

* There are some thumbnail in the .xvpics directory. (If it will
  be released under a free license) I think they can be removed.

of course this was just a demo of how a themed g-i would like (and a testbench for the pixbug gtk engine under GTKDFB, that seems to run smoothly :).
I think an ad-hoc GTK theme for the g-i should be developed.



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