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Re: GTKDFB 2.8.3 status and g-i theming

Christian Perrier wrote:
i suppose it isn't: Debian Red is fonts/colours theme, while debian ayo is only a gdm theme (i'm wondering if a GTK theme of ayo, including graphics for buttons and other widgets do exist.. )

Ah, OK. As being on the KDE side of flavour, I don't have a very good
knowledge of all this..:-)

It would be nice if the g-i has the same look and feel than the
default desktop installed by Debian.

What's the default gtk debian theme?

For the above reason, I don't really know..:-)

I've been googling all the morning to see if a standard debian GTK theme exists, but i couldn't find it. GTK apps can be themed in 3 different aspects: window borders, widgets , default fonts and colours; since we don't need a WM then theming widgets , default colours and fonts should be enough for the g-i. There is huge amount of already existing themes for GTK2 [1] and it seems to me that the one actually most suitable for the g-i is H20-gtk2-Ruby (see attached PNG). For sure the theme that will be eventually choosed for the g-i will have to match the Debian "red" colour and it seems to me that actually H20-gtk2-Ruby gets closest. There are a lot of other nice GTK themes around, but i think they need to be reworked a little to match Debian's colours.
I suppose the g-i default theme will need to be packaged as an udeb, right?



[1] http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2/

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