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Re: Netinstall and kernel 2.6.14

On 1/3/06, Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
Once the install is finished, and when it asks you if it is ok to reboot or
whatever the message is, go into console 2, chroot /target, and download the
sid 2.6.14 kernels and install it, and maybe fix your bootloader too.
This is what I'd like to do. But I'd like to use deb packages to do this.
Is it possible to use the same subsystem of netinstall to install a package under /target?

Hopefully etch beta2 will be based on the new 2.6.15 kernel which is currently
going to unstable.
I look forward to download a cd/dvd iso which installs a 2.6.14 kernel by default (and doesn't use it only for the installer).

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