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Netinstall and kernel 2.6.14

On 1/3/06, Geert Stappers < stappers@stappers.nl> wrote:
And which version did you allready try?
AFAIK has the beta2 of d-i a 2.6.14 by default,
the daily-build surely do.
Yes, the installer use 2.6.14 (and finds my hard disks), but the installed kernel is 2.6.12. So I need to **** install a package before the first reboot **** (this could be a better title for this thread).
The package must be installed on the *new* system (mounted under /target). So I can't use dpkg or apt-get which would install it on the current system (the temp system used by the installer).
I need to know the commands used by the netinstall process to install deb packages on the new system. So I could
- download (from unstable) the 2.6.14 kernel package (linux-image-2.6.14-2-386_2.6.14-7_i386.deb) and install it on the new system
- request and install linux-image-2.6.14-2-386 as with apt-get (this would be better).
Netinstall experts, please help!


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