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Re: G-I - New challenge: dependency of pango on cairo

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 19:55, Dave Beckett wrote:
> Does that help?  I'm somewhat around at the moment to experiment with
> things.

Thanks for the pointer. Together with the hint from Attilio, I have 
created a brand new (temporary) package libcairo-directfb that only 
creates a udeb for libcairo compiled against directfb.
I have tested it in the installer and I've seen no problems either 
building or running it.

This new package is available from:

The package is based on Dave's libcairo package and has the same upstream 
source tarball.

My reasons for creating a new package were:
- the patch from directfb needed to be applied
- after that the configure script needed to be regenerated
- the udeb needs different configuration options
- cdbs currently has very limited support for building (u)debs with
  different configs

The udeb Provides: libcairo2 to satisfy the dependency from 

There is ongoing work upstream to integrate directfb support in cairo.
I also understand from Jeff that he has plans that will make it easier in 
cdbs to support building a package with different config options.
When this is done, we should be hopefully able to make the switch to a 
udeb from the main libcairo package.

I'd appreciate it if people could look over the new package and give me 
some feedback before I upload it.
Dave, do you see any objections or alternatives to this approach?

Cheers and thanks for all the help,

Configuration summary for the udeb
cairo will be compiled with the following surface backends:
  Xlib: no
  Quartz: no
  XCB: no
  Win32: no
  PostScript: no
  PDF: no
  glitz: no
  DirectFB: yes

the following font backends:
  FreeType: yes
  Win32: no
  ATSUI: no

and the following features:
  PNG functions: yes

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