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GTK frontend can now save screenshots in PNG format

Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
As discussed on IRC session tonight, a "Camera" button should be added to the GTK frontend to take screenshots in PNG format. Screenshots will be stored with names like "debian-installer_main-menu_nnn.png" and a popup windows should inform the user the screenshot has been saved correctly. With this approach also users that haven't the PrtSc key would be able to take screenshots in the common PNG format and the "Camera" button is self-explicative too.

A "Screenshot" button has eventually been added to the GTK frontend: the camera image was ATM unapplicable to the button since the required gtk_button_set_image() function is available starting from GTK v 2.6 only. The screenshot is saved as /var/log/screenshot_<question tag, with "/" changed to "_">_n.png and a popup message appears to the user and tells him "Screenshot saved as <name of the saved screenshot>". This string should be localized, so i suggest adding a string into cdebconf-gtk-udeb.templates like this.

attilio@attilaptop:~/svn/cdebconf$ svn diff
Index: debian/cdebconf-gtk-udeb.templates
--- debian/cdebconf-gtk-udeb.templates  (revisione 32992)
+++ debian/cdebconf-gtk-udeb.templates  (copia locale)
@@ -22,3 +22,7 @@
 # RTL: Right To Left (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian...)
 _Description: LTR
+Template: debconf/screenshot-message
+Type: text
+_Description: Screenshot has been saved as

I don't know if a string is needed for the "Screenshot" button too, since i hope we'll be soon able to switch to GTK 2.8.x so that the label can be replaced by the image camera. Also, the httpd web server in installation-report package has been updated to produce PNG headers for PNG screenshots and to sort files so that all screenshot_*png files are grouped torgheter. Also, i think allowing the user taking screenshots via DFB's PRTSC function too is still useful, so that issues like bad pointer rendering (see bug #341770) can be graphically documented.


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