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Re: Dell Dimension 3100: keyboard freezes

> I'll happen if discover doesn't know about the usb controller (e.g.,
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=268434;archive=yes)

I've tried to use the recent 'etch' beta 1 netinstall iso package --
system hangs after loading usbcore, uhci-hcd, ehci-hcd, usbkbd and
usbhid. When 'debian-installer/probe/usb=false' is set, the modules
aren't loaded and the installer goes to the first screen but obviously
the keyboard is not recognized.

My last try was to use the daily etch netinstall iso image which comes
with  a 2.6.14 (the article at linuxmafia stated that 2.6.9 should be
ok). It gave me a kernel panic in proto_register() in mm/slab.c: 1807.

More suggestions?


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