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Bug#342164: Sarge Installer Bug Report: Kernel Module Fails To Load

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 10:23:13PM -0800, O. Sharp wrote:
> Well, if so the installer is as ignorant of it as I am.  :)  lspci reports 
> the PCMCIA bridge as a Cirrus Logic CL 6729 (rev ee). I haven't found 
> any definitive list of which driver is used for which types of 
> controllers, but I did come across a Red Hat posting saying the CL 6729 
> was driven by i82365 and not yentl:
>   https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=34301#c5
> Does this seem correct for Debian as well?

Quite likely, although I believe debian 2.4 kernels use pcmcia-cs
drivers, in which case sarge with 2.4 kernel should install.  I may
remember wrong though.

> That poster also offers a solution for their situation which (if I'm 
> reading it right) suggests making some changes in /etc/pcmcia.conf, but 
> since the installer didn't _create_ any /etc/pcmcia.conf here it doesn't 
> help me much, whether it's correct for my hardware or not.  :)
> Here's the PCMCIA-oriented stuff from lspci -v:
> 0000:00:0d.0 PCMCIA bridge: Cirrus Logic CL 6729 (rev ee)
>         Flags: stepping, slow level
>         I/O ports at fcfc [disabled] [size=4]
> ...And here's something: I found a posting about CL 6729 drivers on a 
> Debian help list which looks pretty relevant, evidently a quote from the 
> author of the i82365 module:
>   (http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2005/01/msg00066.html)
> "
> This is sort of a historical accident. Prior to 2.4 kernels, there
> were only the pcmcia-cs driver modules. With 2.4, PCMCIA drivers
> became part of the kernel tree but they were not 100% the same as the
> pcmcia-cs drivers. One of the differences was that the CL 6729 bridge
> was not supported by the kernel drivers. There is a CL 6729 driver
> for the current 2.6 kernels but I think it is recent enough that it
> probably is not in most current Linux distributions.
> It is possible to use the pcmcia-cs drivers with 2.4 (but not 2.6)
> kernels.  You would need to remove the kernel PCMCIA driver modules,
> and then compile the pcmcia-cs package.
> "
> Soooo... would I be right in guessing the updated CL 6729 drivers haven't 
> yet made it into the Debian installs I've tried (sarge and etch beta-1)? 
> If so, can you suggest an alternative?

Install sarge using 2.4 kernel?  Then upgrade to debian version you
want, keeping the kernel, and then get kernel-source package for kernel
you want and find patch for the cl 6729 driver and apply and build a new
kernel to use.

Len Sorensen

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