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Re: Re: Dell Dimension 3100: keyboard freezes / SATA hdd not found

Am 07.12.2005 um 08:30 Uhr haben Sie geschrieben:
> Your questions are more appropriate for debian-user or debian-boot;
> redirecting to the latter.

Thank you.

> Well, if you're going to use non-sarge media to install Debian, you
> also consider using the etch beta.

I'm scared. Whenever I tried to use packages from two dists in the past,
I was in big trouble with unmet package dependencies. The machines are
going to be used in my compay's office and so for the first time in my
Debian life, I prefer to use 'stable' instead of 'testing'. :-)

But I'll consider this. At least, I'd the upcoming problems would be
familiar to me...

> Hmm, I guess you mean booting it this way to get around lack of
> support?  Interesting idea... trying it would at least tell you if
> really the keyboard locking up, by whether or not it gets past the
> screen.

Ok, maybe it's not only the keyboard. The installer stops at the first
screen, even in noninteractive mode. Bad luck, I'm not able to switch
to console #3 to see the kernel output.

Than you for your suggestions.


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