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Bug#315925: lowmem installs, C locale installs: choosing a country will be possible

When a "C" locale is chosen, localechooser skips the choice of a
country, abitrarily setting it to "US".

Similarly, lowmem arbitrarily sets the locale to "en_US" when it
detects a low memory situation.

Until tzsetup entered the game, this was not really a big
issue. However, it is now more annoying as it only allows for the
choice of US timezones for the installed machine local time.

Before someone says that Debian is US-centric, I changed this in the SVN.

This involves two changes:

-localechooser now allows choosing a country when the "C" "language"
 is chosen. It then shows up the long country list instead of just
 exiting after the language choice

-lowmem sets debian-installer/locale to "C"

I tested this in low memory situation and it works as expected:
debian-installer/locale=C, the system's installed locale is C but the
system allowed choosing a country for the time zone and mirror

I also tested this with a preseeded, or manually chosen "C" value for
language and/or locale and, here again, the country question pops up.

I decided to leave a few hours/days for comments before uploading the
two packages.


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