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validlocale and "status of the base-config removal"

> - The only thing left of value in base-config at this point is the
>   validlocale program, which localechooser uses in its prebaseconig
>   script. If localechooser cannot be modified to run without this
>   program, we will need to move it to somewhere else so base-config
>   can be removed. Perhaps the locales package would be a good place to put
>   validlocale?

This could be part of a move to Denis Barbier belocs-locales-*
packages. There are strong arguments for this, expecially the quasi
statu-quo on locales (several pending new locales requests as well as
trivial changes not done to existing locales glitches...because of
upstream not wanting them).

This move could be fairly easy to do by changing the locales package
priority to extra while raising the belocs-locales-data and -bin
package to Priority: standard (the goal being them to be included in
netinst CD's).

In the same time, belocs-locales-bin could embark validlocale, or
provide its own similar program.

The combined size of the belocs-locales-* packages is slightly bigger
than the size of locales, which can be a concern (of course: it has
more locales files...:-))).

Denis, do you think we can start this move? We probably need
cooperation from the locales package maintainers (to lower the
priority) or at the minimum from the ftpmasters (to change the

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