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Bug#342164: Sarge Installer Bug Report: Kernel Module Fails To Load

Quoting O. Sharp (ohh@drizzle.com):
> Can't get any PCMCIA card services or recognition. Everything else 
> seems to be doing okay.
> The Gateway Solo 2200 is an older laptop, with no built-in network or 
> modem connections, so it's reliant on PCMCIA cards for this. Unfortunately 
> the installer was unable to load the 'i82365' module, and every subsequent 
> attempt to find the network card or modem resulted in a 'modprobe -v 
> i82365' failure.
> The problem first appears very early in the install process. I looked at 
> the output on virtual terminal 3 (e.g., Alt-F3 - is "virtual terminal 3" 
> the right term to describe it?) when it first happened, and at that point 
> there were only eight lines of text present:

Could you try with the Etch installer beta1 which you can get from
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer? I suggest downloading
the "netinst" CD image.

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