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status of the base-config removal

We've got tasksel running in the first stage of the install now, with a
gorgeous progress bar and nice debconf display of any questions packages ask
as they are installed, and base-config is rapidly becoming a no-op. Here's
what is left to do:

initial rollout:

- preseed 1.11 and base-installer 1.40 need to be reviewed and uploaded.
  These changes will keep "second stage" preseeding working.
- tasksel 2.37 and debconf 1.4.62 need to get to testing so they're
  available for use from regular d-i installs.
- Then pkgsel needs to be uploaded.
- Then prebaseconfig 1.14 can be uploded, and base-config will no longer
  be run.
- All the different task installs will need to be thuroughly tested.
  Especially the desktop task. Also, localised installs, and preseeded
  installs will need to be tested. The chances that all these changes
  broke something is rather high.
- preseed and other documentation will need to be updated to not talk about
  base-config and "first stage"/"second stage".

edge cases:

- pkgsel needs to have some code added to propigate a couple of debconf
  variables that debs use, or we need to find a better way to
  communicate this info. Documented in pkgsel's TODO.
- I have a suspicion that user-setup will need to create the non-root user
  before tasksel runs and that we'll see subtle (or not) breakage when
  exim4, etc are installed before that user is present.
- Something needs to be done about localization-config, which hooks in
  via base-config still.
- Something needs to be done about debian-edu-config, which does likewise.
  The debian-edu people should be pinged.
- If anyone cares about ppp installs, something will need to be added to
  d-i to allow them. The code that did support them is dead in
- apt-setup has a few corner cases that it does not support that were
  supported by the old system. These include:
  - http proxy asking for installs from only CD w/o choose-mirror (for
    security sources)
  - multi-cd support
- debconf-apt-progress needs to have CD changing support added

final cleanup:

- The only thing left of value in base-config at this point is the
  validlocale program, which localechooser uses in its prebaseconig
  script. If localechooser cannot be modified to run without this
  program, we will need to move it to somewhere else so base-config
  can be removed. Perhaps the locales package would be a good place to put
- Eventually, we will want to do the final removal of the base-config
  package, and rename prebaseconfig to something that makes a bit more
  sense in the new system, such as "finish-install".

see shy jo

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