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user-setup and "status of the base-config removal"

> - I have a suspicion that user-setup will need to create the non-root user
>   before tasksel runs and that we'll see subtle (or not) breakage when
>   exim4, etc are installed before that user is present.

Seems not needed as far as I see from exim4's code. No check is made
on the user the root mail is redirected to. So, it seems that the only
thing we have to unsure is propagating passwd/username to the
installed system.

We should probably rename this debconf variable some day, by the
way...but, here, it will need sync with exim4 maintainers (and maybe
some other package maintainers). If we do so, I'll take care of
supporting passwd/* variables in user-setup to not break preseeded

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