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Re: [directfb-dev] Re: Bug#341597: [ppc, d-i-gtk] installation report on b&w G3

Quoting Sven Luther:
> > *DFB HW accel enabled by default, disabled by default for known broken 
> > accelerated modes and user-disabilitable at boot-time using ad-hoc 
> > parameters.
> > -pro: hw acceleration enabled by default would make the g-i a good test 
> > bench for DFB
> > -con: per-card hw accel disabilitation mechanism has still to be 
> > developed; users may be disoriented by crashing installations if they do 
> > not know that DFB's hw acceleration can be disabled (remember that many 
> > oh whom betatested the g-i tought it was based on XFree! )
> It is trivial though, maybe 5 lines of shell or so. As for the rest, you just
> document it.

The user could select accel/non-accel in the boot loader.

> > If we decide to keep the hw-acceleration enabled by default we'll need 
> > co-operation from directfb-dev, were bugreports related to DFB crashes 
> > that we may receive should be forwarded.
> Seems logic.
> > As soon as the g-i is released it, and henche DFB, will receive a lot of 
> > testing from many users all around th world and this could be a good 
> > testbench for DFB too.
> :) Like enabling yaird by default in the debian kernels did bring them a bug
> report storm :)


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