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Re: Bug#341597: [ppc,d-i-gtk] installation report on b&w G3

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 09:46:50PM +0100, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> >Mmm, this is a rage 128, not sure if it will have enough memory, or if the
> >corresponding fbdev is broken or something.
> >
> >Attilio, do you perhaps have some program linked with the .deb libraries, 
> >that
> >the user could run to test under normal circunstances ? This would make
> >debugging somewhat easier maybe.
> >
> this is what i got on directfb-dev from andi@fischlustig.de (thanks!) 
> after forwarding wolfram's post
> ---------------------
> I recommend to disable hw acceleration on ppc systems. At least for now.

Oh well, we should fix it instead, whatever it is :)

> It is best to pass
> --with-gfxdrivers=none
> to configure on ppc.
> Judging from your cursor you are experiencing the "bi-endian system" 
> problem. (ram: big-endian, vram: little-endian). This should not  result 

I have some problem understanding this, back in the days when i used to write
X graphic drivers (for 3dlabs permedia3 and later wildcat vp), i remember
perfectly the graphic card being able to be programmed in auto endian
switching when accessing the video ram, and i suppose that is what X does. I
think there is no reason this should not happen here, and i even believe this
is the way the fbdev drivers program it, since it usually is part of the
low-level programmation of the video ram aperture, not something which would
need to be done in the directfb accel driver.

> in a crash, but shows me that you are using a gfxdriver, which  in 
> addidion may cause your segfault.
> ---------------------
> i know HW acceleration can disabled at runtime bi adding "no-hardware" 
> option to /etc/directfb (see 
> http://www.directfb.org/docs/directfbrc.5.html).
> Since this seems to be a DFB upstream bug, shouldn't better the 
> discussion take place at directfb-dev@directfb.org? here we could get 
> more specialistic help.
> To make simple tests you could compile and run the "simple" app from 
> http://www.directfb.org/downloads/Extras/DFBTutorials-0.5.0.tar.gz

Well, if we can disable it at runtime, the best is to have a d-i kernel
command line option to disable it or something, no ? 


Sven Luther

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