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Re: [g-i] fonts: a few thoughts


>> Yeah, that's right way.
>> I hope total size of shrinked CJK fonts = 1MB is acceptable for d-i GUI
>> system. :)
> If i've corrently understood, ttf-compact-fonts-udeb is about 1 Mb 
> uncompressed and completly replaced x-fonts-whq.tgz that is 4 Mb 
> compressed, right?
> We would then save up to 4 / 5 megs on the gtk miniiso and that would be 
> a great step ahead!

that would be really nice.
Shall we start a sort of table which lists which language(s) uses a
certain font?
It might help to clarify what we need:

Chinese (simplified + traditional ?) : ttf-compact-fonts-udeb
Japanese : ttf-compact-fonts-udeb
Korean : ttf-compact-fonts-udeb

For a complete listing of the languages involved you can take a look here:


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