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Re: [g-i] fonts: a few thoughts

Kenshi Muto wrote:
Hi Attilio,

At 4 Dec 05 09:52:24 GMT,
Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Well, when I integrated this font to gtk-miniiso, I found Japanese
characters are taken from three font files - FreeSansSerif, uming
(Chinese), and Sazanami (Japanese). It provides a strange face.

To solve this, I think it's better to provide /.gtkrc-2.0 according to
chosen language.
After writing this file, screen refresh is needed.

uhm.. i have to admit i never explicitly parsed a gtk runtime configuration file, but maybe it's better letting libfontconfig doing the most appropriate glyps selection. Letting libfontconfig handling glyphs selection won't require us to hardcore font-selection related code into gtk.c and also will bring benefits to other GTK apps that may be included into the g-i like gparted that xavier oswald is working on to integrate into the g-i. AFAIK some initial work has been already done to develope the tools needed to automatically remove from free-sans glyphs already provided by other "specialized" fonts. I don't know if work has been done/planned to remove overlapping glyphs from n-uples of specialized fonts (ex: the Japanese glyphs that are provided by FreeSansSerif, uming(Chinese), and Sazanami (Japanese) ).

I see. I agree it's better if we can do above doing.

To test the new ttf-compact-fonts-udeb into the miniiso i've

-removed x-fonts-whq.tgz from the tarballs directory (this is the tarball your udeb should replace, right?)
-commented out ttf-freefont-udeb from "common" configuration file
-added ttf-compact-fonts-udeb into "common" configuration

and this is what i got (i guess latin fonts look ugly because of removal of freefont-sans)


do they look correct to you?

Yeah, that's right way.
I hope total size of shrinked CJK fonts = 1MB is acceptable for d-i GUI
system. :)

If i've corrently understood, ttf-compact-fonts-udeb is about 1 Mb uncompressed and completly replaced x-fonts-whq.tgz that is 4 Mb compressed, right? We would then save up to 4 / 5 megs on the gtk miniiso and that would be a great step ahead!



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