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Re: Looping in stage-1

Paul Millar wrote:
> [I have a sinking feeling I'm doing something stupid here. Can't think what, 
> though, and d-i should crash like this anyway.]

Well, a few things you could try are booting the 2.4 kernel instead of
2.6 (or vice-versa) and maybe trying a newer or later build of the

> I (think) I follow your argument with d-i and anna.  It certainly seems 
> logical, but I don't know enough about how anna or mainmenu are supposed to 
> work to say more.
> Guessing, I'd say the d-i crash somehow caused d-i and anna to loose its 
> state, hence the complete re-install and confused behaviour.  Perhaps init 
> restarting d-i somehow didn't start d-i from its initial state (temporary 
> files already existing?) -- but this is all guess-work.
> I've copied the contents of the /var/lib/dpkg directory to:
>     http://www.astro.gla.ac.uk/users/paulm/debian-boot/dpkg/
> Curiously enough, there's two status files (status and status.bak).  Is this 
> normal?

Yes, it's normal and your status files look ok.

> With gdb, I'm no expert, but I have used it in anger.  If you can point me in 
> the direction of a suitable initrd image (say, running d-i through gdb 
> somehow) or just a udeb of gdb (for manual interaction) I can probably report 
> a trace-back of the stack after the crash.

The following mini iso includes a copy of gdb. You should be able to
boot in expert mode, switch to vt 2, use ps to find the pid of main-menu
(hopefully before it crashes and is restarted) and attach gdb to it. The
main-menu is an unstripped version, so gdb should work fairly well,
although without source on there, it will be slightly limited. A
backtrace should do.


see shy jo

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