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Re: Looping in stage-1

Hi Joey,

On Thursday 17 November 2005 16:46, Joey Hess wrote:
> Paul Millar wrote:
> > Now available as the file syslog-debug at:
> >   http://www.astro.gla.ac.uk/users/paulm/debian-boot/
> I don't see the messages I would expect had you passed DEBCONF_DEBUG=5
> [...] Probably because it got cut off since the line is so long due to your
> preseeding stuff: 

Sorry, I was perhaps being somewhat confusing here.  The correct URL is
as in

paul@ppepc65:~$ wget -q -O- 
http://www.astro.gla.ac.uk/users/paulm/debian-boot/syslog-debug|grep Kernel\ 
command\ line
Nov 16 23:36:56 kernel: Kernel command line: vga=normal ramdisk_size=12118 
root=/dev/rd/0 devfs=mount,dall rw 
preseed/url=http://node0.quisnet/autoseed.php initrd=initrd-deb-pre.gz 

The file "syslog"
is the original file, without DEBCONF_DEBUG set.

Apologies for the confusion.



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