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Re: [D-I] Supporting 2.6.14 kernels in base-installer

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On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 23:09:21 -0800
Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:

> > Nope, it is more than a technical difference in language used, it
> > is a different design goal between both.
> Um... the design goal is "create an initramfs that boots the user's
> system." Any other design goals are almost completely irrelevant to
> the user...

The primary goal of all ramdisk tools os to provide a working ramdisk.
But both of the major newer tools have _additional_ goals that may or
may not hurt a possible "...no matter how weird setup" extension the
that primary goal.

Initramfs-tools has an additional goal of being loose: A generated image
should be portable across different hardware (on same arch). This
have a risk of the ramdisk getting too big for some (possibly archaic
and irrelevant for Ubuntu, but not for Debian) arches or bootloaders.

Yaird has an additional goal of being exact: uncertainty in resolving
hardware should cause the tool to fail generating an image at all. This
has a known limitation of requiring sysfs support - also on the host
system when generating the ramdisk.

I agree that additional goals are irrelevant to the user - so by
default d-i should not ask. But if(!) those additional goals can hurt
in some corner cases then it makes sense in an expert mode to provide a

 - Jonas

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