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Re: G5 powermac installer queries

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 02:48:43AM +0000, Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Hi, me again.
> I won't have a network connection with kernels < 2.6.14 (I need that to 
> get sungem support for my PHY), so I'm trying to install from the weekly 
> d-i binary CD 1.  This seems to go ok until it gets to installing 
> yaboot, then it fails with the following messages (sorry about the long 
> lines)

Known problem, use the businesscard or a later businesscard iso. I think it
was fixed on tuesday, but if you could use today's daily build, this would be
fine. Well, not sure it this is the same problem as on 32bit powrrmac.

In any case, the right way to handle this is not to post on debian-powerpc,
but file an installation report at : 


Another thing that i would really like you testing, since you are installing
anyway, is the graphical installer, which had success reports on pegasos and
32bit newworld, but not on 64bit machines :


And report back with a separate installation template.

> yaboot-installer: info: probed: /dev/discs/disc0/part3:Mac OS 
> X:MacOSX:macosx
> yaboot-installer: debug: mapped: /dev/sda3
> kernel: ioctl32(nvsetenv:3998): Unknown cmd fd(7) cmd(20007043){' '} 
> arg(00000000) on /dev/nvram
> yaboot-installer: mkofboot: Finding OpenFirmware device path to 
> `/dev/sda2'...
> yaboot-installer: ofpath: /proc/device-tree is broken. Do not use BootX to 
> boot, use yaboot.
> yaboot-installer: ofpath: The yaboot HOWTO can be found here: 
> http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/doc
> yaboot-installer: mkofboot: Unable to find OpenFirmware path for 
> boot=/dev/sda2
> yaboot-installer: mkofboot: Please add ofboot=<path> where <path> is the 
> OpenFirmware path to /dev/sda2 to /etc/yaboot.conf
> [...snip similar for /dev/sda3...]
> yaboot-installer: mkofboot: Try specifying the real OpenFirmware path for 
> macos=/dev/sda3 in /etc/yaboot.conf
> yaboot-installer: error: mkofboot failed with exit status 1
>  I can edit /target/etc/yaboot.conf from a shell, so I thought I would 
> add 'device=hd:' but there doesn't seem to be any way to tell the 
> installer that I have a (hopefully) workable yaboot.conf.  So, I think I 
> need to run ybin from the shell.  But, everything, even /dev, is mounted 
> under /target.
>  I need to use -C anyway (because yaboot.conf is in /target/etc/), so 
> would the best way to get past this problem be to copy yaboot.conf and 
> then edit the copy to include
> boot=/target/dev/sda2 ?
>  Also, to boot from osx on /dev/sda3, should I include
> macosx=/target/dev/sda3 (because this is presumably evaluated when ybin 
> installs the bootloader ?)
>  I guess I'll need to set the PATH too, so it can find nvsetenv and 
> hfsutil.  Anything else I'm missing ?
>  Or is there a better way to install on this box ?

This is indeed the problem we fixed on tuesday.


Sven Luther

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