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Re: dmraid support to d-i (Was Re: Yaird, grub and d-i should also support dmraid devices.)

Alle 15:53, domenica 6 novembre 2005, Frans Pop ha scritto:
> (No need to CC me.)
> On Sunday 06 November 2005 15:26, Marco Amadori wrote:
> > Alle 14:37, domenica 6 novembre 2005, Frans Pop ha scritto:
> > > Actually, I'm not sure where this should go. You can also make a case
> > > that it should go into hw-detect's disk-detect.
> >
> > I would go on with this idea too.
> Hmm. Then why does your proposal below implement it in partman?

Because I though hw-detect was in partman init, no idea.

> > If the dmraid invoking gives us "No RAID disks" we could simply skip.
> That still requires dm-mod to be loaded, right?

Fortunately not. It needs dm-mod only to assemble the array.

> I should like to avoid modprobing dm-mod for systems that do not have any
> of the controllers supporting dmraid. This is especially important for
> older systems using lowmem installations.

Good point.

> > > Maybe discover could be used/extended for this?
> >
> > We should ask discover maintainers to add a dmraid call if it
> > finds /sbin/dmraid ?
> No, just to answer the question "does controller support dmraid".

# dmraid -l
hpt37x : Highpoint HPT37X (S,0,1,10,01)
hpt45x : Highpoint HPT45X (S,0,1,10)
isw    : Intel Software RAID (0,1)
lsi    : LSI Logic MegaRAID (0,1,10)
nvidia : NVidia RAID (S,0,1,10)
pdc    : Promise FastTrack (S,0,1,10)
sil    : Silicon Image(tm) Medley(tm) (0,1,10)
via    : VIA Software RAID (S,0,1,10)
dos    : DOS partitions on SW RAIDs

> You are confusing priorities here:
> - critical: least questions asked
> - high: default mode
> - medium: very nice mode for more control
> - low: "expert" mode, all questions and messages shown

Yes I was tired, sorry :-)

> So it should be enabled by default at high priority and ask the question
> at medium.

I think it is a reasonable choice.

> > 3 Invoke partman on /dev/mapper/nvidia_jbdaccab and let the user
> > proceed as usual.
> How do you "hide" the physical devices? Or is that done automatically?

It is not done automatically, we could ask partman to not show em?

> Other d-i components that probably will need to be adapted are
> grub-installer and lilo-installer, but that can come after the changes in
> either disk-detect and/or partman.

for grub:
grub --device-map=/dev/null << EOF
device grub (hd0,x) /dev/mapper/<dmraid_name>x+1
device grub (hd0) /dev/mapper/<dmraid_name>
root (hd0,x)
setup (hd0)

for lilo I think is not supported, really don't know


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