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Re: Yaird, grub and d-i should also support dmraid devices.

On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 12:33:37PM +0100, Marco Amadori wrote:
> Alle 08:34, domenica 6 novembre 2005, hai scritto:
> > > Yes If someone quick introduce me to where I should look at first in the
> > > svn code (i messed with d-i svn in the past) I should be able to find my
> > > way I think.
> >
> > I am not entirely sure, but i belive that packages/partman is the place to
> > look for, maybe look at partman-lvm and partman-raid or whatever as
> > inspiration.
> Nice start! tnx.
> > That said, partman is a bit of spaguetthi code, and i would be 
> > glad to help you out as best i can (or maybe others could, who know partman
> > better).
> I am a spaghetti eater so I think I could feel at home :-)

Let's see, but i found it real strange to understand and worse to debug.
> > BTW, what is dmraid about, does it allow to create and manage raid arrays
> > for bios-raid cards ?
> Exactly it use device mapper to build arrays that differs by metadata, I'm not 
> so happy with is /sys interface btw.

Ok, it is used to build the linux-side array, not to build the on-disk array,
right ? 

> > What about some real-raid cards, likethe 3ware one i 
> > got ?
> Real raids should be supported if different ways, by scsi devices in kernel I 
> think.

Ah, yes, but my own problem is that i am on powerpc, and thus the
x86-bios-level tool to create and manage arrays is non-existent, and thus i
was searching for a tool to creating them instead of trying to write one from
scratch. I am unsure if dmraid is the right tool to extend or not, thus my

> In my opinion dmraid is a dual boot solution for desktops, If you are going to 
> use only debian/linux in a machine is better to go with mdadm's md volumes, 
> is more versatile and recoverable.


> Is good to have dmraid support for power users that have also another os 
> installed (yes that one) and want to do not lose their previously configured 
> cheap raid powers installing also our beloved distro.
> For servers is useless and deprecated, but we all love our users so we should 
> provide dmraid to them.

dmraid is probably not what i am searching for then.


Sven Luther

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