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Re: Yaird, grub and d-i should also support dmraid devices.

Alle 01:38, domenica 6 novembre 2005, hai scritto:

> A quicker solution is probably to help implement dmraid in d-i [1].
> Working on something like this for d-i typically needs someone who has
> the hardware.

I have the hardware until tomorrow then I will put my hands on it in about 2-3 

But I remember well the dmraid environment since I pushed my head on it so 
hard in the last few days, one quick note seems that grub cannot have "saved" 
in menu.lst or will mess the array :-(

> We can give you access to the d-i repository fairly quickly, but that is
> not really needed at first [2].

Yes If someone quick introduce me to where I should look at first in the svn 
code (i messed with d-i svn in the past) I should be able to find my way I 

Just some path names and links to significative function and subs should 

More babysitting will be appreciated btw...

> If you need help, come to debian-boot

I will next week, CC me in the while.


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