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Re: GTK frontend updated in SVN

Frans Pop wrote:
Hi Attilio,

On Thursday 03 November 2005 13:24, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

the GTK frontend has been updated in SVN, includes:

I've run a quick test. Looks really nice :-)

it will look better after switching to 640x460: now the screen is too empty in most of situations

One last minor issue:
For notes, the short description needs to be displayed above the long description instead of below it. This is because it is a kind of header for the text instead of a header for the question (there is no question after all...). The newt frontend does the same.

ok, this can be easily done and will be fixed in next update, togheter (i hope) with many of the remaining usability issues reported in the past.

I have uploaded rootskel-gtk and cdebconf (built against directfb) to the official archives. Hopefully they will be there on Saturday for all architectures :-)

so we should be able to test GTK FE on every arch, right? any success story on archs different from i 386 and PPC yet?



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