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Bug#336451: businesscard CD image (AMD64) - pkgdetails command wrong?

reassign 336451 debian-cd
retitle 336451 AMD64 businesscard incorrectly has .disk/base_installable
severity 336451 important
tags 336451 d-i

On Sunday 30 October 2005 13:09, matt.nottingham@zen.co.uk wrote:
> When tying to install the base_files package it says (in virt con 3)
> chroot: cannot execute mount: No such file or directory.

Turns out that the AMD64 businesscard CD images incorrectly contains the 
file .disk/base_installable, which of course is wrong. This makes the 
installer incorrectly think it can install the base system off the CD.

This file is added in debian-cd's Makefile, so this is clearly a debian-cd 
problem, although the logic to determine if it should be there uses 

It is very likely this issue is related to the bug for the AMD64 netinst 
(#335653) where required packages really are missing from the CD.

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