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Re: Automounting filesystems in partman

On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 05:11:00PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
>   * Offer the user an explicit dialog asking which partitions to
>     automount? (svenl)
>     - Still doesn't address automated installs (ths).

Well, the issue of automated installs is a bit different. My own guess is that
automated installs will either be on boxes which have only debian on them, or
whose harddisk content is pretty much well known.

We can have a serie of debconf values, which would decide among : mount-none,
mount-all, mount-<fs>, mount-<partno>, mount-ask and so on.

It would default to mount-ask, and the user would be asked at configuration
time, with maybe a predefined set of partition types we want to propose to
automount by default (would be fat/ntfs on windows, hfs[+] on macs, etc. ...),
already checked, and leave the choice to the user. Preseeding the debconf
value to something will skip this question.

Needs some fine-tuning, but i believe this is the right way to go, and also in
the spirit of d-i.


Svne Luther

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