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Re: GTK frontend updated, please test unofficial miniiso


while playing with the NEWT FE to see what the GTK FE still misses i noticed some things that can be improved

-"error", "text", "note" questions in the GTK FE are displayed by the same question handler, while the NEWT FE flashes in red the screen when an error question is diplayed. Shouldn't also the GTK FE act somehow this way, maybe displaying a "i" icon aside the question when displaying a "note" or a "text" question, an "!" icon when displaying an error? Eduard, can you draw those icons? if i'm not wrong some times ago you drew an "i" (red) inside a circle (red) icon in some of your screenshots

-When pressing "ESC" you get back to the main menu: should the GTK frontend implement such a functionality?

-It would be nice if you could automatically activate "Back" button by pressing "BackDel" key (the key above "Enter" on the keyboard)

-A text is displayed in the bottom part of the screen and tells the user about shortcut shortcut commands: shall the GTK FE display this string too? maybe in a statusbar at the bottom of the screen?

-As "execute a shell", neither "configure base sytem" works in the GTK FE

what do you think ?



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