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Re: Usability issues for the GTK graphical frontend, categorized and updated list

On 10/26/05, Eddy Petrişor <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > The only thing that should need to be compiled manually are the frontend
> > > and rootskel-gtk (which is trivial).
> >
> > Well, i have followed the instructions (would have been faster if Alistairs
> > packages would have been uploaded somewhere else, but well ...), and it then
> > fails with :
> >

> I didn't got to the point of fixing that to make it localhost, as I
> should have done from the start.

I have just fixed that; Frans told me that there is no need either for
the gtk.so's tgz, so now is a matter of doing

make build_powerpc_gtk-miniiso

that is if you use a powerpc subarch, or changing in the same way for
other subarches.

> My configuration is a PowerBook 5,2 model (ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility)
> I managed to make that iso image build, but not yet functional in
> graphical mode (stroboscope effect, as I call it), but it works with
> newt, so it seems to be an arch specific issue.

I meant graphical/powerpc issue.

> Probably not, as I have took care of those...
> The only things you might need might be the localudebs (
> ) which are
> exact copies of the ones in the official archive - probably the
> rootskel was updated and a few others, but the list of udebs might be
> helpful ;-)
> good luck and please ask, if you have any more questions.

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