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Re: please help on m68k dailydi failures

On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 01:46:27PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Stephen R Marenka wrote:

> > So do I really need to upload an empty nic-shared-modules udeb or what 
> > else should I being doing?
> Well, nic-shared-modules != nic-shared-modules-2.2.25-mac-di. Inside d-i
> tools like anna know that the one is equivilant to the other when the
> right 2.2.25 kernel is running, but apt in the build system does not
> know about that.
> Also, we use apt to download udebs but then manually install them from a
> list with udpkg, so it probably wouldn't work even if you got past the
> first issue.

That's what I was starting to think.

> Is there any reson you can't remove the nic-shared-modules line from
> pkg-lists/ntivehd/m68k.cfg? Or if you need it there for 2.6, use:

The 2.4 kernels use them.

> nic-shared-modules-${kernel:Version} [2.6]

So this should work?
nic-shared-modules-${kernel:Version} [2.4]

> (Do note that I don't have any plans to sync the new m68k kernel udebs
> in to testing and we want the d-i tree to continue to build against testing.
> If you want me to sync those udebs in for the beta I can.)

If you don't sync the new kernels in, then things will continue to work.
I was just trying to cleanup some of the cruft with the new kernels.



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