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please help on m68k dailydi failures

I need some help from one of ya'll smart people. The daily build for one
of the m68k initrd's is failing [0] because.

| E: Couldn't find package nic-shared-modules-2.2.25-mac-di

[0] <http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/d-i/images-m68k/daily/build_nativehd.log>

However, the latest linux-kernel-di-m68k package has 
kernel-image-2.2.5-mac-di which provides nic-shared-modules.

$ dpkg -e upload/kernel-image-2.2.25-mac-di_0.67_m68k.udeb
| Package: kernel-image-2.2.25-mac-di
| Version: 0.67
| Section: debian-installer
| Priority: extra
| Architecture: m68k
| Provides: kernel-image, loop-modules, ext2-modules, ext3-modules, jfs-modules, reiserfs-modules, nic-shared-modules
| Installed-Size: 960
| Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
| Source: linux-kernel-di-m68k
| Description: Linux kernel binary image for the Debian installer
|  This package contains the Linux kernel image for the Debian installer
|  boot images. It does _not_ provide a usable kernel for your full
|  Debian system.
| kernel-version: 2.2.25-mac

So do I really need to upload an empty nic-shared-modules udeb or what 
else should I being doing?



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