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Bug#334598: first stage preseed command failed with exit code 127

So, let's ignore the content of that bug report because after the subject
line I found it confusing and self-contradictory. Here's a new one:

Using the i386 daily build for today and a simple preseed file containing

d-i preseed/early_command mkdir /foo

I get this:

  ERROR: Failed to run preseeded command

  Execution of preseeded command "/foo" failed with exit code 127.

The obvious culprit is the change in version 1.09, perhaps coupled with
the later rewrite of log-output in C. I verified this by removing the
log-output bit from preseed_command and the problem went away and my
directory was created.

log-output does not support eval:

~ # log-output eval ls
~ # echo $?

Using sh -c instead will work.

see shy jo

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