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[RFC] New packages for the Installation Guide

Following the split off of the manual from the installer itself, I have 
restructured the packaging for the manual.

The most important changes are:
- package is no longer Architecture: any, but Architecture: all;
- packages moved from section devel to section doc;
- packages have been renamed from debian-installer-manual to
- the manual is no longer installed on debian mirrors as currently [1];
- for Sarge-Etch upgrade I've added a Conflicts: debian-installer-manual.

- the manual will be built for arch architectures before upload, resulting
  in less problems with build dependencies on slower architectures;
- there will be separate packages installation-guide-<arch> that can be
  installed on any architecture; thus a sysadmin can install the manual
  for S/390 on his i386 laptop;
- existing bug reports will need to be moved to installation-guide.

Consequences for CD building
As the manual will no longer be available on the mirrors, it will need to 
be included in another way. As there will now be architecture specific 
packages, the simplest was to include the manual seems to be to download 
the respective package, 'dpkg -x <tempdir>' it and just copy the needed 
files from there.
The only extra thing that would need to be done is to unzip the txt and 
pdf versions. And maybe copyright and changelog could be deleted.

The tree in the packages looks like:
./usr/share/doc/installation-guide-<arch>/<language>/<html files>

Comments welcome.
I would not like to delay a first upload too long though.



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