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Re: [RFC] New packages for the Installation Guide

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 05:49:00PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Following the split off of the manual from the installer itself, I have 
> restructured the packaging for the manual.
> The most important changes are:
> - package is no longer Architecture: any, but Architecture: all;
> - packages moved from section devel to section doc;
> - packages have been renamed from debian-installer-manual to
>   installation-guide;
> - the manual is no longer installed on debian mirrors as currently [1];
> - for Sarge-Etch upgrade I've added a Conflicts: debian-installer-manual.
> Consequences:
> - the manual will be built for arch architectures before upload, resulting
>   in less problems with build dependencies on slower architectures;
> - there will be separate packages installation-guide-<arch> that can be
>   installed on any architecture; thus a sysadmin can install the manual
>   for S/390 on his i386 laptop;
> - existing bug reports will need to be moved to installation-guide.
> Consequences for CD building
> As the manual will no longer be available on the mirrors, it will need to 
> be included in another way. As there will now be architecture specific 
> packages, the simplest was to include the manual seems to be to download 
> the respective package, 'dpkg -x <tempdir>' it and just copy the needed 
> files from there.
> The only extra thing that would need to be done is to unzip the txt and 
> pdf versions. And maybe copyright and changelog could be deleted.
> The tree in the packages looks like:
> ./usr/share/doc/installation-guide-<arch>/copyright
> ./usr/share/doc/installation-guide-<arch>/changelog.gz
> ./usr/share/doc/installation-guide-<arch>/example-preseed.txt.gz
> ./usr/share/doc/installation-guide-<arch>/<language>/<html files>
> Comments welcome.
> I would not like to delay a first upload too long though.

Sorry for the late reply.

But why the rename from debian-installer-manual into installation-guide?

> Cheers,


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