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Re: Update of the "tools" directory


On Sunday 04 September 2005 16:10, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Sunday 04 September 2005 15:52, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > Since there was no further reply on this I guess no action has been
> > taken. Right ? Time for a bug report ?! :)
> Hmm. Let's first put together what exactly we want in there. Oldenburg
> would be a could time to do that maybe.

AFAIK we missed that great opportunity :-)

So, let's file a bug against debian-installer now, to collect what we want to 
do and later we reassign it against ftp.d.o ?!

Index of /debian/tools 
 Name                    Last modified       Size  
 Parent Directory        12-Oct-2005 16:52      -  
 diskio.zip              23-Nov-2001 23:40    10k  
 fips20.zip              25-Aug-1998 07:01   158k  
 gzip124.exe             20-Aug-1993 01:00   116k  
 lodlin16.zip            21-Jan-1997 01:00   103k  
 md5sum-w32.zip          07-Sep-2002 13:02    69k  
 rawrite1.zip            14-Jan-1993 01:00    11k  
 rawrite2.zip            27-Apr-1997 23:12    15k  
 rwwrtwin.zip            24-Nov-2001 01:41   255k  
 src/                    12-Sep-2002 09:47      -  
 unz512x3.exe            10-Sep-1994 01:00   231k

What are diskio.zip, fips20.zip and rwwrtwin.zip used for ? I have no idea.

	Holger (who is happy to have had no needs for this DOS software in recent 
years and merely acts here as he has marked this thread as "todo")

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