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Re: stuck on preseed "file may be corrupted"

Matt Price wrote:
> I wonder if there's full documentation somewhere about how one finds out
> the options for a d-i preseed variable.  For instance, in my preseed I
> have the line:  
> d-i  netcfg/choose_interface            select auto
> ... but actually the network in our classroom is unreliable, and for
> truly automatic installation I would prefer to use the "Do not configure
> the network atthis time" option.  Should I then replace the above line
> with :
> d-i  netcfg/choose_interface            select Do not configure the
> network at this time
> [unwrapped obviously; using evolution here and can't seem to tell it not
> to wrap this line...]
> If so, is there some way to find out the relevant options in advance
> (without just going through an install and noting all the options)
The next release of debconf will include a comment with the available
choices in debconf-get-selections output.

see shy jo

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