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Bug#332248: [sven.luther@wanadoo.fr: Re: Bug#332248: Install on IBM RS6k B50 PPC: no keyboard driver for PS/2 loaded in d-i]

The B50 is supposed to be chrp, and i know it worked once since ways back then
manty had access to such a box and we fixed the kernel, not sure if we tried
d-i though.

Harald, could you please provide us the /proc/cpuinfo entry for this one ?

output is as follows:

cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
cpu             : 604r
clock           : 374MHz
revision        : 49.2 (pvr 0009 3102)
bogomips        : 372.73
machine         : CHRP IBM,7046-B50

The spaces before the colons are generated with 2 tabs (0x09). The string seems to be the same as in the C structure. But lsmod shows only:

Module                  Size  Used by
usbhid                 59012   0
usbcore               144944   1 usbhid
unix                   32596   8

I also tried now:

How can i check this iseries issue, Sven?


Mmm, the archdetect stuff in lib-d-i is :

static struct map map_machine[] = {
        { "PReP", "prep" },
        { "CHRP Pegasos", "chrp_pegasos" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7028-6C4", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7029-6E3", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7038-6M2", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7039-651", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7040-681", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7044-270", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,7046-B50", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,8842-21X", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,9111-520", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,9113-550", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,9117-570", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP IBM,9124-720", "chrp_rs6k" },
        { "CHRP", "chrp" },
        { "Amiga", "amiga" },
        { "64-bit iSeries Logical Partition", "iseries" },
        { NULL, NULL }

This means your machine should probably have been detected as chrp, but we
would need the /proc/cpuinfo to be sure.

BTW, Harald, can you also check your boards for the iseries thingy, since we
will need to distinguish (for kernel installer at least), between the
pre-power5 iseries and the newer stuff which are just pseries in disguise.

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