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Bug#332941: installation-reports: fails to unpack base-installer component

Francesco Poli wrote:
> I booted from CD (with the help of a Smart Boot Manager floppy), selecting
> "linux26".
> After the low memory warning, I chose the Italian keyboard keymap.
> The CD detection went fine: debian-installer scanned the CD Debian archive.
> The "Loading components of the Debian Installer" step went on from
> 0 to 85 % (I think), then...
>   0. the screen blanked for a while
>   1. the interface got repainted (again "Loading components of the
>      Debian Installer")
>   2. the progress bar restarted from zero 
>   3. progress status said "unpacking base-installer"
>   4. the progress bar reached 10 %
>   5. goto 0. (in a seemingly endless loop)

Sounds like your machine is out of memory.

see shy jo

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