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Re: Option to disable security.debian.org on install

Christian Perrier wrote:
Perhaps a better option would be to install the security packages only
after the first installation has completed?  That way, at the very
least, I'd have a usable system while waiting for the updates.

The option exists but is not shown at the default install
priority. You can either preseed it (apt-setup/security-updates=false)
or use the medium priority to get the question asked in 2nd stage.

As I experienced the same last week, another possibility would be, to have the security-updates repository included in the mirroring concept, to avoid bottlenecks.

Just my figures:
- my connection allows 4 Mbit/sec
- ftp.at.debian.org performs at 1 Mbit/sec most of the time
- security.debian.org goes down to 2 Kbit and less

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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