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Re: FW: [directfb-dev] Gtk 2.8.3 Directfb backend in CVS


> davide, librries compile smooth using your script and almost any gtk app 
>   can be successfully compiled against them.

that's good: compilation runs smooth here too; haven't done any test.

> ok, yesterday i've made some test with gtkdfb2.8.3 and the results tell 
> us we'll have to stay with gtkdfb2.0.9 for a while since gtkdfb2.8.3 is 
> still too prone to crash.
> Many sall apps that used to run smooth on gtk and gtkdfb2.0.9 lead to 
> severe crashes with gtkdfb2.8.3.

somebody reported problems on the directfb ML:

it's known to be not perfect yet. If you think it's worth it (i.e. well
reproducible), let Mike know about the problems you've found.

> Now we must make the gtk.so work with GTKDFB2.0.9 udeb by Alastair: 
> monday, on IRC, ths suggested the problems encountered could be related 
> to library reduction: could this be an answer to crashes and hangs?

that is certainly the general feel about it: we must get it working with
2.0.9. Honestly I don't know if the problems we have are due to library
reduction, but something weird is certainly going on.
I've done a few more tests:
I recompiled Alaistair's udeb removing the extra options passed to
configure (the only options used was "--with-gdktarget=directfb" which we
cannot omit of course) but apparently nothing changes and I still get the
flashing screen.
The only thing which seems to make behaviour change is the use of the libc
you included in one of the tarballs: using it in place of the "standard
one" looks like directfb manages to start up (background becomes blue
instead of remaining grey) but then crashes.
Last night I was trying to bring ldd inside the miniiso but couldn't...
it would be nice if somebody could run ldd and strace to see what's going


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