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Bug#330899: AW: Bug#330899: GRUB doesn't apear

On Tuesday 04 October 2005 21:01, Stefan.Zauner@gmx.de wrote:
> First ist not possible to use the installation-CD as rescue system,
> because the only point the steps can be performed is just before the
> installer itself wants to install GRUB. At any other point before there
> is no "/target".

That is, if I may say so, bullshit.

The link I gave you gives fairly good instructions:
- proceed to the point where you get to partitioning harddisks and
  stop there
- switch to VT2 (using alt-F2)
  or back out to the menu and start a shell from there
- manually mount the partition(s) where you installed Debian on /target
- execute chroot /target.

OK, so maybe, just before "manually mount the partitions on /target" there 
should be a 'mkdir /target'. IMO, you could have figured that out for 
yourself though...

Anyway, I've added the missing link in the FAQ to avoid future confusion.

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